22/4 Shielded Security Cable

22/4 Shielded Security Cable, 22AWG Stranded Copper wires, 22AWG Stranded CCA wires, with PET and Al/PET Foil as shield, PVC Dielectric, PVC or LSZH Jacket. Applicable for residential or industrial security system

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Cable Name: 22/4 Shielded Security Cable

About the cable:

22/4 Shielded Security Cable, Typical Gauge:  22AWG, Stranded Copper or CCA wires, Shielded with PET Tape and Al/PET Foil, Polyvinyl Chloride Dielectric, Polyvinyl Chloride or Low Smoke Zero Halogen outer Jacket. 


Typical Constructions:

Number of Cores



Stranded  Conductor


Stranded Conductor

         Bare Copper or             Copper Clad Al

            22AWG         (7strands*0.254mm)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)



1st Shield

PET Tape



Ground Wire

Stranded Bare Copper   /Tinned-Copper      /CCA wires

7 strands*0.254mm

2nd Shield







0.40 to 0.45mm

* Cable could be customized as per client's detailed requirements and electrical and physical testing 

reports can be provided upon request. It depends on the exact specifiations the clients choose.


This 22/4 Shielded Security Cable is with conductor size as 22AWG. It is ideal for use in security and alarm systems and typically  for connecting motion sensors, keypads, magnetic contacts, smoke detectors, communicators, access control and other similar system.


The size of Conductor as well as the number of cores can be adjusted as per installation's requirements.


Features & Benefits:

  • Stranded Conductors with 7 strands or more

  • Lead Free PVC Jacket or Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket

  • Multiple cores available (2cores, 4 cores, 6 cores, 8cores, 10 cores, 12cores or more)

  • Sequential meter or footage markings on the cable

  • Typical Package: 100m plastic reel or coil, 200m plastic reel or coil, outer package: cartons. more packaging types are available for your choice. 

  • Install easily. 

  • Ripcord available to help easy remove of the jacket during installation. 

  • Test report will be provided upon request. 

  • RoHS compliance. 

SGS approved Supplier

We are audited by SGS as an approved supplier.

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