Security Cable

  • 4 Cores Security Cable

    4 Cores Security Cable4 Cores Security Cable, 4 Core Unshielded Alarm Cable, Stranded Pure Copper or CCA Conductor, 14-22AWG, Unshielded, 4 Cores, twisted,

  • 2/4/6 Core Security Cable

    2/4/6 Core Security Cable2/4/6 Core Security Cable, without shield, 2 cores/4 cores/6 cores Alarm Cable & Control Cable, Stranded or Solid Conductors, 22AWG to 18AWG, without shield, suitable for installation of security system.

  • 8 Core Shielded Security Cable

    8 Core Shielded Security Cable8 core shielded Security Cable, Stranded Bare Copper Conductor, PET Tape, Stranded Earth Wire (material: Bare Copper / Tinned Copper / CCA), Al Foil, PVC or LSZH Jacket.

  • 22/4 Shielded Security Cable

    22/4 Shielded Security Cable22/4 Shielded Security Cable, 22AWG Stranded Copper wires, 22AWG Stranded CCA wires, with PET and Al/PET Foil as shield, PVC Dielectric, PVC or LSZH Jacket. Applicable for residential or industrial security system

  • Multi-core Shielded Security Cable

    Multi-core Shielded Security CableMulti-core shielded Security Cable / Alarm Cable / Control Cable with Stranded or Solid Conductors.

  • Combined Security Cable

    Combined Security CableCombined Security Cable, 4 Cores totally, 2Cores with 0.50SQMM, another 2 Cores with 0.22SQMM.

  • 22/4 Security Cable

    22/4 Security Cable

    22/4 Security Cable & Alarm Cable, 22AWG with 4 Cores, without shield or screen.

    22AWG 4cores Security Cable for Installation in the Security systems and home automation systems

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