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What Are The Cable Alarm Forms
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Introduction to ht-110df /DZ power line power transformer anti-theft wireless alarm system 2. It has two anti-theft wired interfaces, unique ultra-power saving design and built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery (12V/5A), which can work normally for 3-5 months after the power grid is cut off, effectively ensuring the safety of power transformers and equipment in the machine room. 3. With self-check function, automatically inspect and report to the host machine every 24 or 36 hours (optional). 4. When the power line and power transformer are stolen and damaged by people, the extension can transmit alarm information of 25 kilometers (no tall obstruction) with high power by wireless means. 5. Control the arrangement and removal of the wired anti-theft area through the handheld wireless remote control. 6. Solid, professional and sealed aluminum alloy die-casting shell, waterproof, moisture-proof and field installation. 7. Applicable to guard against theft and damage of power line shearing, power transformer and field oil production equipment. System host: 1. It has 256 wireless defense zones (with an extension of 1000 defense zones), showing the a-phase, b-phase, c-phase and zero-line disconnection alarm information monitored by extension and other 10 alarm types. 2. Powerful networking function: rs-232 serial port is connected to the computer to realize integrated information management of alarm information, user data, history record, electronic map and other alarm centers. 3. Calendar function, real-time display, time setting and alarm information will not be lost due to power failure. 4. System extension and host digital coding, adopting automatic coding, engineering installation, extension adding simple and fast. 5. Optional telephone networking alarm module is available, which constitutes a secondary remote intelligent telephone networking alarm system.