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Trade War Between The US And China
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Trade War between the US and China. Why is Trump targeting China?


Recently, the US threatens to impose 25% tariff on about $50 billion of the imported 1,300 Chinese goods which cover the industries of the aerospace, machinery, medical, telecommunications, information and communication technology, etc.


China said" We don't support the trade war, but we are not afraid of trade war! and we have already formulated very detailed countermeasures."

 As a response, China warns of tariffs on the equivalent value (e.g. $50 billion ) in American goods.  The Chinese government announces yet another set of retaliatory tariffs that nearly mirror the Trump administration's proposal a day earlier -- 25% on a range of products from the US, worth approximately $50 billion. The list covers about 106 products which include aircraft and automobiles as well as soybeans and chemicals.


April 5, 2018 — Trump calls for targeting another $100 billion in Chinese goods


China warned the US and said it would fight back "at any cost" with fresh trade measures if the United States continues on its path of protectionism. Soon, Chinese government announced a tariff plan on a list of US imports, including soybeans, planes, cars, beef and chemicals, in retaliation for similar duties levied by the White House one day earlier. Unfortunately, the agricultural products, especially soybeans, are in the tariff list. It has caused lots of fear of losses among US farmers since China is the largest buyer of US farm products.

Actually, the trade war between the US and China will rattle certain American businesses and force consumers to pay more for their buying such as electronics. But why is President Trump targeting China? 

Mainly,  a trade war is to protect the domestic manufacturers whose products are much higher pricing than the imported goods. By imposing higher tariff on the imported goods, the competency of the domestic goods will be strengthened.  For example, in early March,  Trump has imposed tariffs on the aluminum and steel imported from China. The only aim is to protect their American Aluminum and steel industries.


So, let's see if the trade war between the 2 world largest economic countries will be materialized. Again, China never fear of any trade wars though we never support any trade wars. 

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