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The Main Points Of Purchasing Wire And Cable
- Feb 01, 2018 -

1, look at the packaging, the national standard of the wire is often done better, neat, hand up to have a sense of quality.
2, to open the package to look at the inside of the wire, GB of wire 1.5--6 square wire requirements are thick (insulation thickness) is 0.7mm, too thick is not the subject matter, the corresponding his inner core is certainly not enough, line skin you can force pull, not easy to rip is generally the national object
3, with a fire, after leaving the 5s extinguished, has a certain flame-retardant function for the national standard line.
4, look at the core, the inner core of the material (copper) the higher the brightness of copper, and luminosity evenly, shiny, there is no sense of hierarchy. GB requirements internal core must use oxygen-free copper. Non-object, such as Black Rod Copper, may have accident potential.
5, the thickness of the core of the country has certain requirements, but not very strict. But not a lot of mistakes, just a little bit, generally with the error of not seeing out.
6, the length, the country does not have to force must dozen meters, but there are many manufacturers also dozen meters, dozen meters is not necessarily GB, but the general GB generally do not beat Rice. It's just a means to beat the meter.
7, the State stipulates that the wire must have a certain marking, the maximum will not exceed 500mm will have the next same logo dozen, above generally have the product's trademark, the manufacturer name, the implementation standard and so on.