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Subway brutal construction to cut the cable
- Jul 09, 2018 -

On July 7, 10 PM, shenzhen power supply bureau released weibo, according to the shenzhen metro brutal construction, three days two dig broken 7 cables, deep industry uptown, CGNPC building, Oriental plaza, radio and television tower, China construction bank building users, such as a power outage. Regarding this matter, the reporter consulted shenzhen metro about it. Shenzhen metro responded by saying that at the construction site of gansha north subway, the construction unit workers dug out the cable due to the operation error. After the occurrence of the accident, the subway group immediately organized the construction unit to make emergency repair and repair, and at the same time, activated the standby power supply to minimize the impact on the power supply of the electricity unit.

To the futian district, shenzhen metro power supply bureau, the affected units including deep uptown, CGNPC building, Oriental plaza, radio and television tower, apologize sincerely users such as the construction bank building.

Next, shenzhen metro said it would carefully learn lessons and organize the inspection of the construction site of underground pipelines involved in subway construction in the city to prevent similar incidents from happening again.