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Temperature Characteristic Of Coaxial Cable
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Environmental temperature change is a cable TV system, the main reasons for the signal level fluctuation due to the coaxial cable of the feature has close relationship with the change of environmental temperature, much more prominent in the long trunk line of the large system, in particular, the system transmission performance is good or bad will change with the change in temperature. When the ambient temperature increases, the corresponding cable loss also increases. The change of ambient temperature is one of the most important factors for the change of signal level in cable TV system. The temperature affects the dc resistance and the dielectric loss of coaxial cable. When the ambient temperature rises, the loss of conductors and media in the cable will increase as the frequency increases. When the temperature decreases, the loss of conductors and media in the cable decreases. Due to the great influence of temperature on cable loss, special attention should be paid to maintenance staff.