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Schematic Diagram Of Leakage Cable Principle
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1) radio frequency transmitter

The radio frequency transmitter applies 45MHz or 48MHz or 48.5mhz high-frequency sine waves to the leakage cable, so as to transmit the electromagnetic field from the leaking cable.

2) radio frequency receiver

The radio frequency receiver filters and amplifies the signals received by the receiving cable to the main control board for identification.

3) master control board

The main control board compares the signals of the radio frequency transmitter and the radio frequency receiver to identify the perturbation signals and give an alarm.

4) sensitivity adjustment plate

The sensitivity adjustment plate divides the sensitivity into four continuously adjustable levels to adapt to different operating environments and requirements.

5) status panel

The status indicator panel displays the transmitting signal, receiving signal and alarm intensity with pointer meter, and at the same time displays the power status and alarm status with LED.

6) lightning protection

Lightning protection for power supply and alarm output signals.

7) power filter pretreatment board

Reduce grid interference, provide power to the motherboard, and reserve interface for backup power