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Reasons For The Aging Of Wire And Cable
- Feb 01, 2018 -

1, insulation damp. This situation is also very common, usually occurs in the direct buried or the cable joints in the pipes.
2, long-term overload of work. During the use of the cable, the long-term high load of the work will also lead to damage to the cable, which may lead to the failure of the cable.
3. Chemical corrosion. Wire and cable buried directly in the acid-alkali area, will often cause cable armored, lead or external protection layer is corroded, the protective layer for a long time by chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, resulting in the protective layer failure, insulation reduction, will also lead to cable failure.
4. Environment and temperature. The external environment and heat source of the cable will also cause the cable temperature too high, insulation breakdown, and even explosion fire.