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Leakage Cable Main Classification
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Radial type: the cable outer conductor opens with equal interval, the interval of which is about 1/2 working frequency wavelength, and the direction of signal radiation is perpendicular to the cable axis, making the coupling loss remain stable in a certain frequency band, which is applicable to the frequency band of 800-2200mhz.

Coupling type: the dielectric of the low-loss cable is connected with the external conductor by the same series of openings or slots. It has good performance in GSM and DCS frequency band and is specially used for indoor coverage system.

(1) coupling loss is the loss between the receiving antenna that the signal leaves from the cable to the outer space. Generally, it is the distance loss between 2 meters and the cable. The above index is the coupling loss measured by 50% coverage probability.

(2) there are generally two types of coupled leakage cables. One type is characterized by small coupling loss and large line loss, and the other type is characterized by large coupling loss and small line loss, which can be selected according to different situations