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How Much Cable Does 50kW Need?
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The 4 core line refers to 3 phase lines and a ground line. The 5 core line is only a zero line, which is used when taking 220V power supply.
With a power of 50KW, the maximum current can be calculated, I = P/Ucos(U = 380) or I = P /(√ 3U Cos)(here U = 220). Power factor on the motor. Select cable according to current. Choose a cable with a tip.
The general copper wire safety calculation method is:
2.5 square mm copper power line safe load flow-28A.
Safe load flow of 4 square mm copper power line-35A.
Safe load flow of 6 square mm copper power line-48A.
Safety load flow of 10 square mm copper power line-65A.
Safety load flow of 16 square mm copper power line-91A.
Safety load flow of 25 square mm copper power line-120A.
If it is an aluminum wire, the wire diameter must be 1.5-2 times that of the copper wire.

If the current of the copper wire is less than 28A, it is definitely safe to take it at 10A per square mm.
If the current of the copper wire is greater than 120A, take it at 5A per square millimeter.
The current that can be normally passed by the cross-sectional area of the wire can be selected according to the total amount of current it needs to pass. Generally, it can be determined according to the following jingle:
Ten-five, hundred-two, two-five-five-four-three, pick-five-two-and-a-half, copper line upgrade calculation.
Let me explain to you, it's 10 square inches of aluminum wire, and the square millimeter is multiplied by 5. If it's copper wire, it's a file. For example, 2.5 square wire, it's calculated by 4 Square. 100 or more are cross-sectional areas multiplied by 2, Those under 25 square feet multiplied by 4,35 square feet or more multiplied by 3,5 square feet and 95 square feet multiplied by 2.5