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Construction Method Of Fireproof Cable Coating
- Oct 31, 2018 -

1. Before the construction of the cable fire retardant coating, the dust, oil, debris on the cable surface should be cleaned and polished. After the surface is dried, the construction of the fire retardant coating can be carried out.

2. The solid content of the coating is relatively high, with a slight precipitation phenomenon. When the coating is slightly thick, it shall be stirred evenly.

3. Both brush and spray can be used. If the coating is too thick, it can be diluted with dissolved economy (10:1).

4. The coating thickness can be determined according to actual fire protection requirements, and the dry coating thickness is usually more than 1mm.

5. The coating thickness of the coating of 1 square meter is 0.5mm, about 1KG.

6. All solvents of the paint are volatile combustible materials. Please pay attention to ventilation during construction.