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- Dec 03, 2018 -

COAXIAL SPDIF is commonly called COAXIAL input, and COAXIAL is marked on the rear panel of the device. Digital coaxial interface using impedance is 75 Ω coaxial cable for the transmission medium, its advantage is constant impedance, transmission wide frequency band, high quality coaxial cable bandwidth can be up to several hundred megahertz. The time base error of digital coaxial transmission is very small, so this transmission mode has a better performance on sound quality. But please note that when using the impedance of the transmission wire match, with 75 Ω coaxial cable, can guarantee the constant impedance, to ensure correct signal transmission. That is to say, in the transmission of the cable assembly, should be suitable for the transmission of high frequency digital signal 75 ohm coaxial wire as the standard, commonly known as the "digital line". Generally speaking, the audio quality of the coaxial output is similar to that of the optical fiber. Therefore, some DVD players only set the digital coaxial output and save the fiber output function