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Closed Circuit TV Cable Docking
- Jul 27, 2018 -

First, the outer sheath of the cable is stripped off when the cable is connected by closed circuit television. In this step of operation, we must pay attention not to hurt the screen, because the quality of viewing depends entirely on the screen, if the tin coating damages too much, it will directly affect the final results. The shielding layer is then removed and folded outwards. Once folded, it will affect the normal conduction. Therefore, this section of aluminum composite film needs to be cut off, and then the insulation layer of the core wire is stripped. Connect the plug, tighten the copper core with the fixing screw, and check whether the shielding layer fixator is well connected with the metal shielding wire. The role of the shield holder here can be said to be crucial, in addition to the role of fixing the metal screen wire, but also as a bridge between the shield layer and the metal shell of the plug. The metal case of the plug is connected to the metal case of the antenna interface of the TV card and connected to the ground of the TV card. At this point, a complete shielding channel completed, tin - coated shielding network outside the conductive role of the real play. The final job is to tighten the plug. Here's another thing to keep in mind - the strength of the plug screw.