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China Wire And Cable Industry
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Most short-sighted enterprises in China's wire and cable industry are short of strategic enterprises. In the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, the first giant enterprises in the wire and cable industry have fallen down one after another, and a new generation of emerging enterprises have been born. As the world economy faces another transformation, how we seize the opportunities of the future is very important. In the context of continuous refinement of life and continuous progress of science and technology, traditional enterprises should have a sense of crisis, see more, listen more and move more, and maintain their innovation ability and vitality. The United States "globalist" put forward: "if the first and second industrial revolution, human rely on is a delegate with steam engine, generator machine research and development and utilization, all energy is not renewable energy, almost all the third industrial revolution will be in nature, such as solar energy, wind energy inexhaustible renewable sources of energy." What are the most important assets of the 21st century? First, energy capital. Now the world has entered the era of new energy economy. Second, spiritual capital, which means to give the system life and ability, means the internal drive of organizational change. Only when China's wire and cable industry has dealt with its own problems can it truly lead China's wire and cable industry to the stage of world competition.