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CCTV Features
- Jan 04, 2019 -

In modern intelligent buildings, the security center must be set up. Multiple CCTV monitors can be set up in the security center to observe the population, main passages and important parts at any time. The closed-circuit television monitoring system mainly consists of a camera or imaging device that generates images, an image transmission device, an image control device, and an image display and recording device. The system is to open or cover the camera in a surveillance location, and the ingested image and sound (as needed) signals are transmitted to the controller via the transmission cable. The screen that needs to be taken can be manually or automatically selected, and the variable lens and the rotating pan/tilt on the camera can be remotely controlled to search for the monitoring target and expand the monitoring range. In addition to single-screen and multi-screen display on the monitor according to the setting requirements, the image signal can also monitor the live sound and record the desired image in real time. The TV monitoring system has real-time and high sensitivity, can convert non-visible information into visible images, which is convenient for concealment and remote control; can monitor a wide range of space, and can be used with the pan/tilt to expand the monitoring range; real-time alarm linkage, fixed-frame recording And the police and other characteristics.