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Cable Specification
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The usual notation

Standard representation of single core cable: the number of cable roots in the same loop * (1* nominal cross section), 0.6/1kv, [1]

Such as: 4 * (* 185) 1 + 1 * 185 0.6/1 kv

Cable specification representation method for multi-core co-sheathed branch cable: number of cable cores x nominal cross-section -t, such as: 4 x 25-t [1]

Detailed representation

Because the branch cable contains the main cable and the branch cable. And they have different specifications and structures, so there are two ways of expression: [1]

The main cable and the branch cable are expressed separately.

For example: main cable: fd-yjv-4 * (1*185) +1*95 0.6/1 kv [1]

Branch cable: fd-yjv-4 * (1*25) +1*16 0.6/1 kv

This method is particularly concise in design and can easily show the difference of branch line specifications

The main cable and the fulcrum cable are represented together as follows: fd-yjv-4

Wire and cable specifications

Wire and cable specifications

* (1*185/25) +1*95/16

This method is relatively intuitive, but it is only limited to the case that the branch cable is of the same specification, and it cannot represent the different specifications of the branch line:

As the branch cable is mainly used in 1KV low-voltage distribution system, its rated voltage 0.6/1kv can be omitted in design labeling