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Cable Installation Process
- Sep 14, 2018 -

(1) the two cables should not cross each other and close to the installed and redundant cables should be cut off; (including non-leakage cable)

(2) two cables must be laid in parallel, with the laying distance between 1 and 3 meters, and the optimal spacing is 1.5 meters.

(3) cable placement attempt is determined according to the medium. Generally, the buried depth of soil is 10-20 cm, and the buried depth of cement is 3-7 cm.

(4) when two cables are laid parallel, the plane drop shall not be less than 135 degrees;

(5) when two sets of cables are installed, it shall be guaranteed that there is an overlapping area of about 3 meters between the two adjacent leakage cables, and the separation between the two sets of cables is about 0.3 meters in the overlapping area. The operating frequency of the host of two adjacent leakage cables should be staggered.

(6) when the main engine is installed outside, a waterproof protective box shall be placed on the main engine;

(7) the power line and signal line should not be installed in parallel with the leakage cable. The signal line should be more than 30cm away from the leakage cable, and the distance between the 220V power line and the leakage cable should be 1 meter away.

(8) the standard length of the non-leakage cable connecting the host and leakage cable is 10 meters, and the two non-leakage cables should be separately protected, which can be PVC pipe or steel pipe. The distance between two non-leakage roots is more than 10 cm;

(9) the two leakage cables should be put into the 32MM PVC pipe and then buried underground. They should not be put into the steel pipe.

(10) the laying position of leaked cable should be more than 2 meters away from the pavement and more than 4 meters away from the highway;

(11) if the leakage cable is buried on one side of the wall, it should be 1 meter away from the wall.