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Cable Fire Retardant Coating Composition
- Nov 02, 2018 -

It is mainly composed of film formation agent, flame retardant agent, flame retardant agent, filler and flame retardant plasticizer. Among them, the functions of the cable fire retardant coating groups are:

Film agent for cable fireproof coating :(1) strong adhesion; (2) good flexibility; (3) good weather resistance; (4) good foaming at high temperature, which is attached to the cable to form a dense foam layer under the action of flame. [3]

Carboniferous agent in flame retardant: carbonizing rapidly under the action of pyrometer flame, forming the effect of foam carbonizing layer isolating flame cable;

Catalyst in flame retardant: promotes decarburization of hydroxyl organics to form a layer of carbon that does not readily burn.

Foaming agent in flame retardant: when the coating is heated, it decomposes a large amount of suffocating gas, which causes the coating to expand and form a sponge fine bubble structure.

Flame retardant: increase the flame retardant type of coating film.

Filler: to increase the flame resistance and flame retardant of the coating, mainly inorganic materials.

Flame retardant plasticizer :(1) increase coating density to prevent cracks in the coating due to cable bending; (2) after the plasticizer is added, the toughness of the coating is greatly improved to meet the requirements of cable bending; (3) plasticizer also has flame retardant property.