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A Twisted Pair Of Twin-stranded Wires In A Cable
- Aug 01, 2018 -

In order to reduce the interference of signals, each pair of twin-stranded cables is twisted by two insulated copper wires, and different pairs of wires in the same cable have different torsion winding degrees (that is, the number of torsion coils), as shown in figure 3. At the same time, a pair of lines in a standard twin-stranded cable is twisted counterclockwise. However, there are many problems with cables produced by some informal manufacturers. The torsional density of two insulated conductors on the balance string does not meet the technical requirements. The torque direction of the torque pair does not meet the requirement. If the above problem exists, it will cause the near end crosstalk of the twisted pair (the degree of signal interference between two pairs of lines in UTP), which will make the transmission distance less than required. The torsion degree of double stranded wire has more strict standard in the production, when choosing actually, can use a few professional equipment to undertake measurement under the condition, but average user can only observe by the naked eye.