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The method of judging the quality of the cable head manufacture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Cable head is the end of the cable line, here is the weak link of the cable line, it is very important to judge the quality here, the method can be judged from the following aspects:
(1) The connection is reliable. It should be confirmed that the contact between the cable core and the pressure tube is close and reliable, the smaller the contact resistance, the better.
(2) insulation strength to meet the requirements. The insulation strength of the cable head should be ensured not less than the electrical strength of the cable itself.
(3) to have sufficient mechanical strength. Where the cable joint is connected, its mechanical strength should be sufficient to ensure the normal and stable work under various conditions.
(4) To have good sealing characteristics. If the seal characteristic is bad, the ambient humidity and so on invades the cable inside, will destroy the cable the normal work, therefore has certain request to the cable joint Place seal, guarantees the cable not to be eroded and guarantees the electric cable the insulating oil does not leak.