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Telephone Cable Selection Guide
- Feb 01, 2018 -

According to its use is divided into local telephone cable, long-distance communication cable, the bureau wiring frame to the frame or the connection between the frame cable, the telephone cord used as the telephone equipment connection line, the comprehensive communication cable, the common antenna television cable, the RF cable and the optical cable, uses in the telephone communication line, the synthesis wiring system, the cable television system.
This part mainly discusses the common local telephone cable in the building.
Hya Type integrated protective layer plastic insulation The local telephone cable can be laid out directly or through the pipe, and the interior can be laid overhead or along the wall.
HPVV copper core Full PVC wiring cable for indoor use of cable can be through the pipe or along the wall laying.
The main nominal sectional specifications are: 0.4;0.5;0.6mm2.
Hya type cable logarithm: 10;20;30;50;100;200;400;600;900;1200;1800;2400.
HPVV type cable logarithm: 5;10;15;20;25;30;50;80;100;150;200;300.