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How to keep and transport wire and cable?
- Feb 01, 2018 -

The storage and transportation of cable is very important. We must have a lot of understanding, the price of cable is inherently more expensive, if because we do not have good custody, resulting in the use of cable to reduce the period, this is quite not worth it.
1. The cable plate is prohibited to be flat, try not to let the cable be stored in six days place.
2. In the custody of the cable, in the summer time, must be regularly rolling, if in the summer, the need to roll every three months, other seasons, you can roll more than a few months.
3. Cable in the transport of life, not to the cable from the high down, nor can the cable tray from high down.
4. The storage period of the cable is normally not more than 1.5, the maximum time can not exceed two years.