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Common usage Considerations for cables
- Feb 01, 2018 -

1, cable Connection of the connection bolts should be tight, cable connection, both ends of the link logo should be exactly the same.
2, cable installation, cable connection phase color can not link errors.
3, prohibit the use of mechanical damage of the cable, can not appear in the cable above the situation.
4, the cable can not be placed in acid, alkali, corrosive high places (unless special circumstances).
5, cable and plug-in connection must pay attention to waterproof, prohibit the use of water to clean any electrical equipment.
6, when the cable is removed, the cable can not be strongly dragged, which leads to damage to the cable and loss of external links.
7, when the cable is connected, pay attention to check the insulation of the cable and the motor but prohibit the cable from connecting the Inverter module to test the insulation.
8, under different circumstances of the cable installation, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions and procedures to complete, including the maintenance and management of the latter.