Fire Alarm Cable FPLR FPLP

Fire Alarm Cable FPLR FPLP, Multi-core shielded Fire Alarm Cable, Fire Alarm Cable with FPLR and FPLP grade. The cable is used for power limited fire circuits, and also used in some wiring of security systems. Fire Alarm Cable FPLR FPLP, Shielded Fire Alarm Cable with FPLR and FPLP grade. Solid Bare Copper conductor, Shielded Al Foil, FR-PVC & LSZH jacket.

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Fire Alarm Cable FPLR FPLP, Multiple cores,  PVC insulated solid bare copper conductors, twisted with an overall PVC jacket with ripcord. Shielded version has an PET film + aluminum tape + drain wire.  FPLR / FPLP graded jacket 


General Specifications:












Solid   BC






*  Conductors are either cabled or twisted pairs

* Typical Types: 18/2C, 18/4C, 16/2C, 16/4C, 14/2C, 14/4C, 12/2C, 12/4C.

* Shield is used to protect against interference created from other cables or outside electronic/ electrical or mechanical devices.

* Shield is normally 100% Aluminum foil wrap

* More types available upon request.

* Parameters provided above are subject to change based on different manufacturers variances.


Two bare copper insulated conductors with an overall shield and a drain. The assembly has an overall jacket. Rated for use from -20°C to +75°C. Suggested voltage rating: 300 volts.



Wiring of fire alarms, smoke detectors, voice communications, burglar alarms, fipleire protective circuits.

This fire alarm cable is composed of multiple cores of copper conductor and the conductor size can be 22AWG to 12AWG.  

All fire alarm cables are manufactured with solid copper conductors so they all carry current in the same way. The things you need to worry about have to do with the insulation and whether it has a high enough temperature rating to not melt in the insulation or if it needs outdoor weather protection. These things can puncture the insulation and short the connection by hitting the copper wire which could cost a lot of money to fix.

FPLR is a fire alarm cable with Riser graded PVC jacket and solid copper conductors. This would be the cheaper version because it can't be used in as many applications as the FPLP reated fire alarm cable. Common applications for both plenum and non plenum cables are smoke alarms and detectors, voice communications, addressable fire alarm systems, microprocessor controlled systems, pull boxes, burglar alarms, wiring of fire alarms, and fire protective circuits.

FPLP is a fire alarm cable with Plenum graded PVC jacket and solid copper conductor. It can be used in ducts and enclosed air spaces where fire can spread easily. The plenum jacket won't allow the fire to spread throughout the entire air duct system creating an even bigger problem than the fire itself. Both the FPLR and FPLP come in a shielded and unshielded version which would make the cable slightly more expensive.

Typical Put-ups:

1,000’ Reels + Pull-Boxes 

500’ Reel+ Pull-Boxes 

Other lengths available unpon request



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