RG6 TRI-SHEILD CATV TV COAXIAL CABLE WITH MESSENGER About the cable: RG6 is a CATV coaxial cable used with Cable TV, Satellite and High Definition TV. It belongs to 75ohm series. It is the most popular coaxial cable for home TV installations due to its full frequency capacity. RG6 tri-shield...

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About the cable:

Cable Type: CATV Cable / TV Cable / Coaxial Cable / Communication Cable

Model #: RG6 with triple shield

Shield:  non-bonded or bonded Al Foil

Application: ideal for residential and commercial antenna, cable television and satellite installations. 

Package: 305meter / 1000ft wooden spool in carton; can be palletized upon request.  


Physical Dimensions
Conductor: 1.02±0.01mm BC (Bare Copper) / CCS (Copper Clad Steel)
Dielectric: 4.57
±0.05mm Foamed PE
Shield 1: non-bonded / bonded AL Foil (over 100% coverage)
Shield 2: Braiding wires: BC/TC/CCA/AL

                 Braiding net: 80/96/112/128/144  

                diameter of wires: 0.12 / 0.16±0.005mm
Jelly:   can be added if it's for outdoor use.
Jacket: 6.95-7.05
±0.05mm PVC



RG6 tri-shield cable is used as a distribution cable for indoor CATV, CCTV systems and as a connection cable for satellite systems where lower attenuation required.


Three major types:

RG6 Coaxial Cables are available in three major types designed for various applications.

Indoor use.

Conduit / Direct burial: cable is filled with gel / flooding / jelly so that it can prevent the moisture when the cable is installed in underground conduit or in the direct burial. 

Outdoor use: cable will be with a galvanized steel messenger for hanging outside.  


o    RG6 TV coaxial cable with triple shield and 60%-90% coverage has outstanding anti-interference properties and excellent transmission performance.

o    RG6 tri-shield CATV cable is with 3 layer of shield which include 2 layers of Al/PET foil and 1 lay of metal braiding wires.

o    With the triple shield, it has higher performance than the standard RG6 coaxial cable.

o    It's at low cost and very easy to install.


Other types of RG6 cable:

o    RG6 Standard Shield Coaxial Cable

o    RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable

o    Dual RG6 Coaxial Cable

o    RG6 Coaxial Cable with Power wires

o    RG6 Combo Cable with CAT5E Lan Cable

o    RG6 Combo Cable with CAT6 Lan Cable



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