RG59 Coaxial Cable with Messenger

TV coaxial cable rg59 CCS Bare copper conductor with one steel messenger for data communication.

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Free sample, OEM/ ODM support and Coil packing, Plastic drum or as client's needs.

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What is the specification of coaxial cable?
Center Conductor: 0.81+0.01mm Solid Copper/Copper Clad Steel
Dielectric: 3.66+0.05mmFoam PE
Shield: Bonded Al Foil
Braid Coverage: 60%X16X4X0.16+0.005mmAl-Mag
Jacket: 6.10+0.10mmPVC
Jelly/APD: Per Customer'Special Requirement
Messenger: 1.13mm CCS(1.3mm Steel)

What is the Characteristic of coaxial cable?
Impedance: 75+3 Ohm
Capacitance: 54+3pF/m
Velocity of Propagation: 85%
Return Loss: 20dB min (5-2300MHz)

What is the attenuation of caoxial cable?
Attenuation [@68o F. (20o C. )]
Frequency (MHz) Max. (dB/100 ft.) Frequency (MHz) Max. (dB/100 ft.)
5 0.86 400 5.10
55 2.05 450 5.40
83 2.45 500 5.70
187 3.60 550 5.95
211 3.80 600 6.20
250 4.10 750 6.97
300 4.45 865 7.52
350 4.80 1000 8.12

What's the applications of RG59 coaxial cable with Messenger?
Used as a distribution cable for indoor CATV, CCTV systems and as a connection cable for satellite systems where lower attenuation required.


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