Quad-shield RG11 Coaxial Cable

Quad-Shield RG11 Coaxial cable, 75ohms CATV Quad Shield Rg11 Coaxial Cable.

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Test up to CPR, ETL, CE, RoHS, ISO9001 approved. High Quality Rg11 Coaxial Cable Quad-Shield, Self-Support Messeger Galvanized Steel Wire Optioned (RG11).



- Conductor: 1.63mm Solid Copper Clad Steel (CCS) or Annealed Copper (Cu)
- Insulation: Foam Polyethylene
- 1st Shield: Bonded AL Foil
- 2nd Shield: 60% or 90% Aluminum, Tinned, bare Copper
- 3rd Shield: AL/PET/AL
- 4th Shield: 40% or 90% Aluminum, Tinned, Bare Copper
- Jacket: PVC, FR-PVC, UV rated for Sunlight resistance or PE compound
- Messenger: 1.83mm Galvanized steel wire messenger
- Flooded APD optional (for direct burial under ground )

RF signal transmission, MATV, CATV, CCTV, Digital video, Local Area Network, Drop cable,direct broadcast satellite and so on.


Electrical Characteristics
- Impedance: 75+/-3ohm
- Capacitance (pF/m):52+/-2
- Velocity of Propagation (%): 85
- Min. thickness strength of messenger (1.83mm): 166 kgf


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