CCTV Cable CAT5E 2P with 2 Powers

CCTV Cable CAT5E 2P with 2 Powers

Conductor:0.51 mm CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum) Insulation:0.95 mm HDPE Cores/Pairs:8/4 Drain Wire:0.5 mm CCA Shield 1st:22 mm PET Shield 2nd:23 mm Al Foil Rip-Cord:Yes Sheath:6.2 mm PVC

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CCTV Cable Cat5e 2P with 2 Powers

Construction Parameters:

Conductor:0.50-0.51 mm BC/CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum-55%/33%)
Insulation: HDPE
Sheath: 3.0mm PVC 
Power cables: 2*(7*0.37mm BC/CCA+1.85mm PE/PVC)

we could customize the cable as per client's specification.

1. High quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery;
2. CE/RoHS/ETL/ISO available;
3. OEM and customize the cables as per your request



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