CCTV RG59 Cable with Power

About the Cable: CCTV RG59 Cable with Power, RG59 Coaxial Cable, Copper or CCA Conductor, Copper or CCA braiding, 60-95% coverage, PVC/PE outer Jacket, 20AWG - 18AWG 2DC power cables with Copper or CCA conductor Synonym: CCTV RG59 CABLE / SIAMESE RG59 CABLE / SIAMESE RG59 COAXIAL CABLE...

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About the CCTV RG59 Cable:

CCTV RG59 Cable with Power, RG59/ RG59 Coax cable, 75 ohm series, 20AWG guage, Solid BC/CCA inner Conductor,   Bare Copper or Tinned Copper or CCA braid wire,  60 to 95% braid coverage, covered by PVC or PE jacket,  plus 18AWG power wires (2DC).


Constructions and Specifications:

Coaxial Cable Part: RG59, RG59/U

v  Conductor: BC/TC/ CCA / CCS

v  Typical Gauge:  20AWG (0.81mm)

v  Insulation:  Foamed Polyethylene or Solid Polyethylene

v  Shield 1: non-bonded or bonded Al/PET foil

                   * the cable could be with or without Al/PET foil depending on the applications.

v  Shield 2: Copper, CCA, Tinned Copper or Al braiding with coverage 60-90%

v  Most Typical Braiding wire: 0.12, 0.16mm

v  Typical Braiding net:  64, 80, 96 or 128

v  Outer Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyethylene (PE)


Power Part:  18AWG/2DC,   

       Conductor:  size: 7*0.37mm, 7*0.38mm; 11*0.24mm, 28*0.15mm: 

                                    material: Bare Copper or CCA wire

       Area of individual conductor: 0.50mm2, 0.75mm2, 1.02mm2


Electrical Properties:

Impedance (Ω)


Capacitance (pF/m)


Velocity of Propagation (%)


Return Loss:  5-1000MHZ(dB)


DC Resistance (RG59/U)


Operating Voltage

3000V max

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to 70°C (PVC)

* Attenuation will be provided once the fixed specifications is given.

* Technical results will be different if the specifications are different.


This CCTV RG59 Cable with power is excellent for CCTV surveillance camera professional wiring solution.



v  RG59/U coaxial cable with 20AWG Annealed Bare Copper Conductor

v  high percentage braiding coverage can be reached : 128 * 0.16mm Copper wires (95%)

v  Power Cable is with 18 AWG /2DC Bare Copper

v  Packaging: 500ft (152.5m) or 1000ft (305m) pull-box (plastic reel inside)

v  Printing: sequential footage or meter marking on the cable

v  Jacket Color: Black or White 

Buying points:

Two cables are required for a CCTV system, coaxial cable and power cable. Coaxial cable transmits video from the camera to a recorder. Power cable transmits electricity from a power source (for example an adaptor) to the camera.

Instead of purchasing a coaxial cable and a power cable separately or individually, you can just buy Siamese RG59 cable as it combines coaxial video cable with a power cable into one cable.

How to make the right choice of coax cable?

In the CCTV system, the video signals are  transmitted via coaxial cable. So, how to make the right choice of coax cable is the key step. Coaxial cable is designed to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation, making it an excellent choice for CCTV.  However, the unqualified or lower-grade coaxial cable can degrade the overall signal transmission and allow outside EMI/RFI interference to be introduced into the signal causing high noise levels. This definitely results in poor picture quality.

So, for the best performance, be sure to configure your cable with solid bare copper conductor and copper braiding with min. 90% coverage. 

However, if you prefer the lower cost, you can choose CCA conductor with CCA braiding and lower coverage. For sure, the vedio quality won't be as good as the one with copper materials. 

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