Shielded Alarm Cable

  • Shielded Alarm Cable From 2 To 40 Cores

    Shielded Alarm Cable From 2 To 40 CoresFlexible cable used for the wiring of burglar Alarm and other low voltage circuits. Suitable application Multi core Audio, Control, Fire Alarm and Instrumentation cable for Industrial, Data, Interconnect and Analogue Audio used. Features: Unshield alarm...

  • Fire Alarm Cable 2 Cores 4Cores

    Fire Alarm Cable 2 Cores 4CoresFire resistant cable, or fireproof cable, will resist the effects of fire to go on working and providing communication and power throughout the fire alarm system while being exposed to fire for an impressive length of time.


    7 CORE READER SECURITY CABLE7 CORE READER SECURITY CABLE /60126 Construction Parameters: Conductor: 7 C × 14 /0. 20 mm±0.00 5 mm CCA Insulation:1. 45 mm ± 0.10mmP VC Insulation Color: Red , Blue, White, Black ,Green,Yellow,Brown Drain Wire: 7/0.1 9 mm±0.005 TC-Tinned Copper Shielded:...

  • Alarm Cable With Foil Shielded

    Alarm Cable With Foil ShieldedSecurity systems and home automation systems which have built-in approved security controllers.However, it doesn't make any difference which type of system one is installing, alarm wiring will always be an integral part of an overall installation....

  • 2/4/6/8/10/12 Core 24AWG Security Red Fire Resistant Alarm Cable

    2/4/6/8/10/12 Core 24AWG Security Red Fire Resistant Alarm Cable2/ 4/ 6/ 8/10/12 Core 24AWG Security Red Fire Resistant Alarm Cable Application Flexible cable used for the wiring of security systems, access control, burglar alarms and other lowvoltage applications. Construction overview: 7 stranded conductors of 0.20...

  • Screened Alarm Cable

    Screened Alarm CableDescriptions: Screened Alarm Cable, with multiple stranded conductors such as pure copper or CCA. Stranded Conductor: 7*0.254mm, 7*0.20mm, with Screen: Al Foil Applicable for Home Alarm & Security System, Specifications Summary: * Cable could be...

  • 22/6 Shielded Alarm Cable

    22/6 Shielded Alarm Cable22/6 Shielded Alarm Cable, 22 AWG, 6 Cores, Shielded with PET and AL Foil, Jacket: PVC/FR-PVC/LSZH.

  • 22AWG Shielded Alarm Cable

    22AWG Shielded Alarm Cable22AWG Shielded Alarm Cable, Shielded with PET and Al Foil, Conductor size 22AWG, PVC Insulation, PVC or LSZH Sheath.

  • 8 Cores Alarm Cable

    8 Cores Alarm CableSecurity / Burglar Alarm Cable 1. Cable core: 2C, 4C, 6C, 8C, 10C, 12C…24C 2. Conductor: CU or TC or CCA 3. Shield: AL/Polyester foil or without shield 4. Jacket: PVC 5. Colors: White or grey 6. Used for alarm mechanisms or security system 7. Packing: A)...

  • 22/4 Shielded Alarm Cable

    22/4 Shielded Alarm Cable22/4 shielded Alarm Cable, 4 cores with stranded 22AWG conductor, PET Tape or Al/PET Foil Shield, PVC/FR-PVC/LSZH Jacket, 100m-200m plastic reel, 2-4 reels per carton, UL application for this cable is undergoing.

  • 22AWG Screened Alarm Cable

    22AWG Screened Alarm Cable22AWG SCREENED ALARM CABLE, 22AWG, 14/0.20mm BC, Al Foil Screen, PVC or LSOH Jacket.

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